15 Best Places To Sell Textbooks Online For Extra Cash

At the end of each semester, have you found yourself staring at your desk wondering where on earth is the best place to sell textbooks online? I mean, you probably don’t want to see them again.

And throwing them out is obviously wasteful. Well, what if I told you that there are some great options out there that will put some extra cash in your pocket?

If you’re keen to know the best way to sell textbooks, then sit tight, and let’s dig in!

Why find the best place to sell textbooks online?

Before we start, you may be wondering why you should even sell these books in the first place. If you have some books that you treasure and that will be valuable to your education in the future, then sure, you may want to hold on to them.

However, there are certainly other textbooks that have nothing to do with your major or that you know you will never open again. If you have these, then selling them will bring many benefits. Here are a few great reasons why you should try this:

To declutter

Books take up space, and they gather dust easily. If you’re looking to have a more spacious living area, then sell the textbooks you don’t need to declutter your home.

Additionally, if you’ve ever had to move, you likely know that books are no fun to deal with. Unless you’re a weightlifter, you’ve probably found books to be quite a workout come moving time. So why not sell them?

To boost your savings account

It never hurts to have more cash in your budget. Ever. Selling your textbooks can be a great way to accomplish this.

Not only will you be able to get the books into the hands of someone else who needs it, but you’ll also be able to give a little boost to your savings account.

For extra funds to pay off debt

Paying down debt, if you have any, should always be a top priority when it comes to your financial wellness. Doing so with a side hustle income will get you ahead of the game in no time.

Any incremental dollars you use to pay off your debt now will save you a ton of money in future interest expenses. While money from selling your textbooks might not seem like a lot up front, it can certainly help with covering one or two monthly loan payments.

To buy new textbooks

If you still have a few more semesters before graduation, you may want to sell used textbooks to buy new ones. Not only is this a smart financial decision, but it also saves you from using any additional hard-earned dollars that could be spent on other meaningful pursuits.

3 Ways to sell back textbooks

There are a few ways you can sell your books for some extra cash. Here are the 3 easiest ways to sell your books:

1. Sell them back to the college bookstore

One of the easiest and quickest ways is to sell your textbooks back to the college bookstore. (If that is where you purchased them from.) It can be a fast way to get cash for your books, however, you probably will not get paid top dollar this way.

2. Sell them in person

You could also sell the books to other students, thrift shops, or on sites such as Craigslist and OfferUp. One perk to selling in person is you don’t pay shipping and fees.

3. Sell them at the best place to sell textbooks online

You will probably make the most by selling textbooks online. There are many sites where you can list them for sale yourself, or sell them to the online platform for cash.

That being said, let’s dive into our list of the best places to sell textbooks online and in person below.

15 of the best places to sell textbooks online

If you’re ready to get the most for your textbooks, you’ll definitely want to check out the list below for the best place to sell back textbooks online and locally.

1. Half Price Books

Over the years, rumors of the death of the traditional bookstore spread like wildfire. Big names like Borders closed, and Kindle threatened to dominate the book space. But it’s not over till it’s over for bookstores, and many are still thriving.

Half Price Books is one such brand that’s been going strong since 1972. With over 120 stores across the country, the company stands as the largest family bookstore in the country. They sell textbooks, music, movies, games, and collectibles.

The process of selling your books to them is pretty easy. All you have to do is take your old books to your local Half Price Books store, and they’ll give you cash in return.

When buying used books, the primary factors they consider are condition and supply and demand. An offer will only be made once they see the book in person and accept it in their inventory.

2. BooksRun

If you’re looking for the best place to sell textbooks online, look no further than Books Run. They let you sell, buy, or even rent new and used books. To get started with selling your old books, all you have to do is enter the ISBN number of the book you wish to sell and hit search.

You’ll be able to use a QR code for shipping, send your books, and get paid.

3. Book Finder

If you’re shopping for the best rates, Book Finder can help you do just that. Once you enter your book’s ISBN, the site will aggregate offers you can receive from various bookstores letting you see the best price you can get.

What’s really cool is that the price they quote you is the price you will really get in your pocket because there are no hidden fees. Shipping costs are included too. Book Finder is the best place to sell textbooks online for the most cash!

4. Amazon

Textbooks are among the millions of items sold on Amazon. You can make a sale on Amazon as an independent seller which would require you to create your own listing. Then you’ll pay for and manage shipping to the buyer, or Amazon can handle this at one of their fulfillment centers.

Amazon also charges fees, which will be worth keeping in mind when calculating your margins.

5. Barnes & Noble

Believe it or not, Barnes and Noble will buy back your used textbooks. Their process is just as simple as many of the other options included here, and they pay a fair market rate.

Their only condition? You must have at least $10 worth of books to sell.

6. GoTextbooks

By entering your book’s ISBN on GoTextbooks, the popular textbook sales site, you get instant access to quotes for your used textbooks. When you are ready to sell, all you need to do is ship your books for free.

You can print your free shipping label from the site and then drop off the package at your local UPS store. GoTextbooks promises to pay you as quickly as humanly possible.

However, with shipping and processing windows, your payment may come in 2 to 14 days. It’s a great place to sell used textbooks.

7. Book Scouter

If you want to make as much cash as possible, Book Scouter offers options. Multiple vendors can bid for your textbook and then you choose who you would like to sell it to. It’s easy and convenient.

8. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook offers numerous ways to get your textbook out there, with the best being Facebook Marketplace. When you list your textbooks on Facebook Marketplace, they are visible to anyone on Marketplace and in search, and on and off Facebook.

Once you’re on Facebook.com, click on Marketplace. Click “Sell something,” then click “Item for Sale” and enter all your details. You can upload photos with your post, ensuring that buyers get to really see the quality of your books.

Once a buyer sees and wants your book, they will be able to send you a message, and once you reach an agreement on the price, you can meet the buyer in person to make the exchange. The most important thing to remember when selling on Facebook is safety first when meeting buyers. You can also ship items to buyers.

9. eBay

One relatively old-school (in digital years) but effective way of selling items such as books online is doing so through eBay, the online auction site. To get started, you will need to set up an eBay account.

There will be fees associated with each sale.

Like other sites, you will be asked to enter the ISBN of the book, note its condition, state your price, etc.

You can add details such as whether the book has a straight jacket or add more information about special features such as a bonus CD or workbook that the book comes along with.

The more detail you can provide, the more likely you’ll be to make a sale because people like knowing they are buying from a real person. If you want a tried and true method, eBay is one of the best place to sell textbooks online!

10. Second-hand bookstores near you

Second-hand or indie bookstores can be a great place to get cash back for your used textbooks. Sometimes they will give you store credit instead.

Be efficient by calling them ahead of time to confirm if they take used textbooks.

11. Valore Books

Another great textbook comparison option is ValoreBooks. The site lets you enter your ISBN, and then it automatically pulls prices from buyers from all over, making sure you get top dollar for your textbooks.

12. eCampus

Ecampus prides itself on being an easy and reliable platform for selling your textbooks. Once a sale has been made, you can receive payment by Paypal, check, direct deposit, or store credit.

There are no listing fees and no hidden fees associated with your sale. However, the site may charge a commission for each sale that is completed.

If you need to find the best place to sell textbooks online, this is a great option.

13. TextbookRush

TextbookRush is an easy way to sell textbooks you don’t need anymore. They offer free shipping and a quick payment system. Simply look up your books by their ISBN and get an estimate of how much money you’ll make.

In addition, you can also purchase and rent textbooks you might need for other classes.

14. Powell’s Books

This is actually an independent bookstore in Oregon, but you can sell books online, as well, if you don’t live nearby. To see if Powell’s Books will accept your textbook, you’ll enter the ISBN and they’ll tell you the price they’re willing to pay.

15. Biblio

Biblio has a unique feature that allows you to sell your textbooks by first comparing prices at various locations. Enter the ISBN and see how much money you can make from your used books!

You’ll also have the chance to purchase textbooks if you need them.

Key tips on how to get the best price for your books

Making sure your textbooks are in good condition matters. Follow these easy steps to make the most money when you sell your books:

Clean your books

Books that have been sitting for a while can always do with a quick clean-up. If your books have been sitting on a shelf gathering dust (literally), you can start by simply blowing the dust off the edges. If the dust is stubborn, use a soft toothbrush or an old towel to do the heavy lifting for you.

The interiors may need a facelift too. Often with textbooks, you may find yourself writing in them with a pencil from time to time which undoubtedly leaves sketch marks. Smudges and pencil marks can easily be removed with an eraser to give the pages a fresh, clean look.

As you go through the semester, be mindful not to eat or drink around the book to minimize the risk of spillage and book stains. Thinking ahead by keeping your books clean and in good condition can be the best way to sell textbooks later.

Protect your books

If a book is not well protected, especially a softcover one, its pages can easily rip at the edges. Each time you buy new books, be sure to protect them from wear and tear.

The best way to protect against that is to ensure that your books are properly secured against a hard surface either in your bag or when you bring them home.

Be clear about the condition of the books in your listing

Nowadays, transparency is everything. If you’re looking to make a great sale, the more honest and upfront you can be about the book’s condition, the better. People love detail so that they know exactly what they’re getting.

Does the book have a coffee stain in the middle? Be sure to include that. You want to ensure that the buyer is happy with their purchase, and if you’re planning on selling other books in the future, their positive review from this sale will make a world of difference.

Sell your books faster by taking great photos

Photos, especially good ones, bring a book to life for a potential customer. If you have a book that you’re selling online, it is absolutely essential to make sure that you have clear and well-staged photos.

No need for fancy equipment – your phone will do. But the key is to capture the book from many angles and to demonstrate that it truly matches the details in the description you included.

Know what your books are worth

Possibly the best way to sell textbooks is to understand how much your books are worth. First, you can do basic research by looking up the textbook online and seeing what the price is for a used copy in a similar condition.

You can also use a comparison website that lets you see what people are willing to pay for a textbook like yours. That way you know you’re getting the best price.

Alternatives to selling your textbooks

Don’t want to sell back textbooks? Or perhaps you can’t get a good enough deal on your old editions to make selling worth your time? Here are a couple of good alternatives that you can try.

Donate your textbooks to your local library or schools

Libraries typically welcome donations of like-new and gently used books that they use to restock their shelves or sell at fundraising events.

Not all books are accepted, but if the library feels that your books would be valuable to their collection, they will likely accept the donation.

You can also find out if any local schools would benefit from your textbook by contacting the school and asking them.

Donate your textbooks to Goodwill

Another great place to donate your used books is to your local Goodwill. Goodwill accepts donations of almost every item, including textbooks which they will then resell to the public.

The coolest thing about donating to Goodwill? It’s that you’re actually helping others. The money from the sale of items goes towards helping people find jobs.

Find the best place to sell textbooks online for extra cash!

Now you know how to sell your textbooks to get the most money out of them. Remember to check the best place to sell textbooks online and locally to get the best bang for your buck.

Who knows, maybe you will like flipping books and want to learn how to sell more items for profit!

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