18 Household Items To Sell For Quick Cash

An extra bill comes up that you weren’t expecting, or maybe you want to buy that pair of shoes that’s just not in the budget, and you need money. But perhaps you can’t work more hours at your current job, or maybe you feel that side hustles are time-consuming. So what else can help you fund expenses? Find household items to sell for quick cash!

Today we’ll talk about what to sell for quick cash, where to sell your items, and how to use your new cash fund wisely!

Top 18 household items to sell for quick cash

If you’re wondering what to sell for quick cash, look no further than your own living room. Selling things around your house is pretty underrated. You can make extra money this way, and it’s easy!

So here are 18 household items to sell for quick cash.

1. Furniture

Furniture can sell for a good amount of money. Think tables, chairs, couches, desks, and dressers. These are usually easy to fix up and sell without too much effort, and people are always looking for a deal on basics like these.

Check out our post, “How Does Flipping Furniture Work? How To Start” for more information.

2. Things from your closet

Your closet is a prime place to find things that you’ve forgotten about or no longer use. So grab a box or two and look through your stuff to see what you can get rid of.


Do you have a lot of clothes you rarely wear or could part with? Sell some of them! If you have name-brand or designer items, they may make you a lot more, so check your closet.

Look for high-quality fabrics in good condition. And anything you own that is unique or vintage is also something to consider.


Shoes…we love them, but they can clutter your closet and cost a lot! Search your home for shoes, especially expensive brands, that you can sell. Check out these sneaker brands that resell the best.


Got a few too many handbags and purses? Part with a couple of nice ones and rake in cash! Top-tier brands like Hermes, Dior, and Bottega Veneta resell well. Remember to clean them out and remove all items before sending them to the buyer.

Get all the information you need about selling your handbags with our post “How To Sell Designer Handbags For Cash!”

3. Jewelry and accessories

Jewelry can be some of the most lucrative household items to sell for quick cash. However, some jewelry can be worth a little or a lot, depending on what it is.

For example, a pair of diamond earrings will be worth more than a necklace you bought for a few bucks. So if you have any high-quality jewelry items, consider selling them. You could also get them appraised for their value so you can ask for more money.

For accessories – belts, hats, scarves, gloves, and sunglasses may not seem like they’d be worth much. But they could be when you sell a bunch of things at once. These items are fun but easily replaceable and not too hard to sell for quick cash.

4. Books

If you’ve got shelves full of books in your house, it’s time to clean things up! So if you aren’t too attached to your books and need to know what to sell for quick cash, this could be a great starting place.

Textbooks are usually a popular choice for second-hand purchases. Check out our post to learn how to sell your textbooks for cash!

5. Lawnmower

If you no longer need a lawnmower or you have two, sell one! How much you charge will depend a lot on the type of lawnmower you have and its condition.

For instance, brands such as John Deere and Troybuilt will bring in more money than lower-end brands. Check out eBay to get ideas about pricing.

6. Yard supplies

Yard supplies are other household items to sell for quick cash. Lawn and garden supplies include shovels, rakes, watering cans, buckets, and other supplies you don’t need.

Most people have a lot of unused supplies sitting in the garage, so turn that clutter into cash! But be sure that the supplies are still functional and in good condition.

7. Tools

Tools are other household items to sell for quick cash. You can sell tools that you no longer use or need. Power tools like cordless drills and circular saws sell well.

Some people are even interested in buying hand tools such as hammers, socket sets, or handsaws. So if you can’t remember ever using the item or you have a duplicate, try to get some money for it.

8. Exercise equipment

Exercise equipment brand new is expensive, so buying used is a good idea for many people.

If you got a more recent version of your gym equipment or don’t use it much anymore, make some money from it. Treadmills, ellipticals, and weights are a few items you can start with.

9. China figurines or dishes

Have some china figurines or beautiful dishes that don’t get much use? Sell them for money. Many people are interested in buying items like this, especially if you have something unique that they might display or use for dinner parties.

10. Toys

Children grow up fast, and usually, that means you are getting new toys quite often. So once your kids outgrow their toys, selling them is a great idea!

Not only is there a good chance you’ll make money, but someone else can make use of the toys instead of them collecting dust in an attic or garage. You can sell anything from legos to board games.

Who knows, maybe you will run across some collectible toys and make big money!

11. Artwork

Have some lovely artwork that just doesn’t suit your style anymore? Selling artwork can be pretty lucrative, depending on what you have to sell.

So if you possess some art created by a famous artist, check here for how to sell it properly. It’s one of the best household items to sell for quick cash.

12. Decor items

Things like rugs, wall art, coasters, shelves, or other decorating items, are great things to sell. If you find that you simply have too much stuff in your house or want to change the style, you can switch things up while also making extra cash.

Also, consider selling holiday decorations you no longer need.

13. Electronics

You’ve probably got a lot of old electronics that you don’t have a use for. And who knows how much they could be worth? Check out these everyday items to sell.


A used laptop might make you a little bit of cash or a lot, depending on numerous factors like the processor and the storage. So if your computer isn’t very old or has many desirable features, you might be in luck.

You can also sell broken laptops for parts on sites like eBay! So don’t just toss them out, you may still get a little pocket money for them.

Video games and equipment

Video games and equipment are pretty popular things to sell. Plenty of people want these items for a lower price since they’re typically expensive.

Even vintage gaming systems such as Super Nintendo’s and games are still desired. So check out Swappa to sell video games and equipment easily online.


You might have more than one TV, and if that’s the case, try selling one. Or two! Selling a used TV might be pretty lucrative depending on how large it is, the brand name, and how good its condition is.


Speakers are nice, but maybe they don’t fit your lifestyle anymore. Do you have some speakers lying around that you rarely use or are willing to part with? This site can help you get an accurate price to see if it’s worth selling.


Tablets are useful, but you might have switched over to a laptop or find that you have too many electronics already. In that case, you can sell your tablet. This site, Greenbuyback, can help you quickly sell your tablet for extra cash, and you could make several hundred dollars!


What do you do with your old one when you get a new phone? Put it in a drawer and forget about it? Turns out, it can be worth money, possibly a few hundred dollars. So sell it instead to help with your money goals.

14. Kitchen appliances

You can make a good amount of money if you have a typically expensive appliance in good condition. Maybe it’s just taking up space in your garage or cupboard, but someone else would get a ton of use out of it.

Check your kitchen and see what items you might have to sell, such as an air fryer, espresso machine, or even a freezer (some people have more than one).

15. Anything vintage or antique items

Vintage items or things that are considered antiques are other great household items to sell for quick cash. Etsy is a good platform for this. People who frequent this site are generally looking for unique or interesting items.

Here’s an article that covers the popular vintage and antique items for sellers, including art, cookbooks, and toys.

16. Crafts or handmade items

You can make things from home and then sell them if you want, especially if you already have the necessary supplies on hand. So think crocheted blankets, embroidered clothing or pillowcases, and candles. The only limit is your own creativity.

So check out our post on “50 Money-Making Crafts You Can Easily Do At Home” for ideas!

17. Kid’s items

Kid’s clothing, shoes, and books are things you can potentially sell. Try to be sure that the items are still usable and in reasonably good condition.

So not only can you make money on kids’ items you no longer need, but it helps out other parents, so they don’t have to pay full price too!

18. Baby items

If you have used baby gear and items your child has outgrown, you could make some serious money. Here’s a site that shows you the best places to sell baby items.


Strollers are something your child will outgrow quickly but there’s always someone who needs one. If you have an old stroller that you can sell, you could make some money.


Cribs are another item you’ll only need for a few years and can then give away or sell. For safety standards and price details, check out Natural Baby Life’s article.

High Chairs

A high chair in good condition that is still safe to use is a great resale item. Or if you happen to have a vintage high chair, sometimes you can find buyers for those on sites like eBay.

Food Processors

A food processor is a great item to have on hand with a new baby. And you can resell them if you no longer have a need for it. The price will depend a lot on the model you have and the condition.

Where to sell your household item for cash

Now that you know what to sell for quick cash, you’re probably wondering where you should sell all these things. Different apps and websites will work best for certain things. Check out these suggestions to get started.


Amazon is a good place to sell your household items. You can sell things like electronics, home and garden supplies, major appliances, and more.

It’s a well-known site that has a sound system in place. Like other platforms, they charge a percentage for every item you sell depending on the type of plan you sign up for. However, they do have a “seller university” that provides tips for selling on the platform!


eBay is a go-to site just as much as Amazon. You can sell tons of items from this site, including tech gear, video games, clothes, shoes, etc.

eBay is a company that’s been around for 26 years, so the path for selling items is pretty well set up. However, eBay also takes a percentage of sales, so keep that in mind.

The great thing about eBay is that you can find buyers all over the world like you would on Amazon. Rather than just selling things locally.


Poshmark is another good option for selling some items. They are more particular about what they accept, though.

It’s best to stick with clothes, shoes, accessories, decor items, electronics, and pet products. Poshmark also has fees, but it’s relatively straightforward. For items that are priced at $15 and under, they take a flat fee of $2.95. Anything over $15, they take a 20% commission.


OfferUp is a really good idea if you want to sell your items without much fuss and without shipping anything. You get to sell your items locally, instead of having to worry about packaging them up and shipping them off.

You can sell pretty much anything, so it’s a great place to make money selling everything from cars to clothing.

Their app makes it simple to get started. The great thing is if someone buys your item locally in cash, you don’t have to give any of the profits to OfferUp.


Decluttr is excellent for selling media like books, electronics, DVDs, and phones. There isn’t a fee because you’re selling directly to Decluttr instead of a buyer. So if you have a lot of things like this to get rid of, it could be the perfect thing to help.

Garage sale

If you’re gathering things to sell and find that you have a ton of items, you might want to consider a garage sale to get rid of them all at once. You can do this yourself or even ask a few friends to contribute their items, too, so you have plenty for people to buy.

To do this, gather up all the items you have to sell, including books, clothes, shoes, video games, appliances, etc. Then get the word out, price your items, and set up!

How to get your household items ready to sell

Before you try to sell anything, make sure you’re presenting it in the best possible way. It’s vital that the item is clean, looks nice, and is in good condition. Here’s what to do to get things ready to sell.

Clean them up

Clothes should be washed, appliances wiped down, and any items looked over for scuffs or dirt. Make sure the item is scrubbed clean, so it looks nice, and you may make more money.

Plus, if you plan on selling multiple items, buyers will appreciate that they arrive in good condition, and you can get better reviews.

Paint furniture

If you want to sell furniture made of wood or other paintable materials, but it’s looking a bit dated, try giving it a fresh coat of paint. This can make it look brand new and fetch a higher price.

If you’re concerned about the look of the item, choose a color similar to the original to make mistakes less noticeable.

Check for holes or missing buttons on clothes

Don’t just sell clothes without checking the material first. Make sure to sew on any missing buttons and inspect the item for holes before selling. However, anything that isn’t in good condition shouldn’t be sold.

Take good pictures

When posting pictures of the item you’re selling on an app or website, you need to take good photos. Use bright lighting without shadows, and be sure to take several pictures so potential buyers can see what the item looks like.

Take the time to select the best photos so you’re buyer has a good idea of what they are purchasing.

Create an accurate description

You need to let people know the details about what you’re selling. Be clear in your explanation of the item, use brand names, and fill out any information the listing asks for.

You want to list the flaws as well if there are any. This will give you a great reputation as a seller and people may be repeat buyers because of it!

For a list of top-selling words, check out this article from Indeed.

What to do with extra cash from the sale of household items

Your sale of household items was successful, and now you have extra cash! What should you do to make the most of this money? Here are a few suggestions.

Pay off debt

If you have debt to pay off, use the extra cash you’ve made to get rid of some of it. It can be fun to watch your debt balance go down over time, and you’ll probably pay it off a lot quicker if you keep selling household items.

Plus, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by debt, paying off even a few hundred dollars can encourage you to keep at it. Pick a place to start, like with credit card debt or student loans, and go for it.

The debt snowball or avalanche method can help you pay off your debts faster! Bringing your balance down will give you some peace with your finances and help you prepare for the future.

Save an emergency fund

Do you have enough savings? Enough to help you with a car emergency or a sudden job loss? If not, now is an excellent time to save an emergency fund.

Start saving up a few months’ worth of expenses just by getting rid of things around your house! You can keep this cash in a high-interest savings account, so it’s there if you need it.

Sinking fund

Sinking funds are helpful for specific goals. There are many things that sinking funds can help you save for, like a house down payment, a remodel, a vacation, and more. Find a goal that’s important to you and create a sinking fund with the money you make.

Decide where to keep your sinking fund money, depending on your goals. Consider a low-risk investment vehicle if you don’t need the money for several years. But if you’ll need it sooner, say, in the next year or two, a high-yield savings account may be best.


Start investing the money you make from selling household items. This can be a great way to begin if you’re living paycheck to paycheck and don’t have much extra to do this. And the good thing about your investment is the growth over time.

Save up an amount of money, such as $500 or $1000, and then begin to invest after doing thorough research. Investing will help you get ready for retirement, and it’s a great financial choice.

You can make quick cash selling household items!

You can absolutely use the sale of household items to pay off debt, fund a vacation, or chase down a savings goal. There are plenty of options for getting started, depending on what things you have to sell.

If you’re wondering what to sell for quick cash, try this out! It’s a fun way to do some spring cleaning and get some extra money. You might soon find yourself looking for household items to sell for quick cash, and you could wind up with more savings than you expected.

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