5 Key Questions For How To Find Your Style

Finding your own style can feel easier said than done. But with a little bit of trial and error, it’s possible to find a style that fits you like a glove. Let’s explore how to find your style so you can start feeling like the best version of yourself!

9 Tips on how to find your style

If you are ready to learn how to find your style, then take advantage of the following tips. 

1. Take stock of your favorite clothes

Take some time to evaluate your favorite clothes. Don’t just look at the clothes you wear regularly, also find the clothes in your closet that make you feel great. 

For example, you might have a favorite dress that makes you feel like a million bucks the second you slide it on. In contrast, you might have a favorite pair of jeans that offer you the right balance of comfort and confidence. 

There is no right or wrong. Just find the pieces that help you with how to always look good.

Put all of the pieces that make you feel great on your bed. Then try to spot the common theme.

Are the clothes all a certain color? Additionally, do all of the clothes make you feel more confident? Nail down what makes those clothes special. 

2. Find your favorites in the store

Whether or not you have a closet bursting at the seams, head to your favorite store to pick out some looks. However, don’t start buying everything you like just yet.

Instead, look through the racks to see what stands out to you. Which will also help if you have a shopping addiction!

When you spot something that you love, try to nail down why you like it. Some reasons might include the perfect cut for your body, the right color, or also a certain level of comfort. 

3. Take notes from your favorite fashion influencers

Fashion influencers can be found all over the internet. While you won’t aspire to everyone’s style, you might find a handful of fashion influencers with looks that really resonate with you. 

A quick scroll through their posts might help you solidify a vision of how you want to dress. 

If you don’t follow any fashion influencers online, that’s okay. Take a look around your own life to identify anyone with a personal style that you like. Maybe you love the way your favorite aunt always looks put-together or how your friend seems to create effortless looks. 

4. Uncover your best color palette

Everyone has colors that make them look and also feel extra great.

For example, I tend to gravitate towards blues and neutrals because yellows and reds often don’t do me any favors. Take a minute to think about what colors work best for you. 

If you aren’t sure what colors are best for you, consider trying on a few different colors at the store. In general, you’ll be able to tell what makes you feel your best. 

5. Embrace your body type

No one’s body is exactly the same as the next. Rather than trying to make your body fit into a fashion trend, consider working to find a look that makes your body type look great. The idea is to find looks that naturally complement your body type. 

Of course, you can always try different looks. However, opting for looks that complement your body type can be one of the best confidence-building exercises

6. Consider the impact and ethics of each look

Even if an outfit looks amazing on you, it might not be the right fit when considering how to find your style.

In addition to how clothes make you look and feel, also consider the impact of the look. 

For instance, you might opt to avoid fast fashion items due to the negative environmental impact. Or you might seek out cruelty-free products. As the person in charge of your style, you have the opportunity to build looks that are in line with your ethics. 

If you are eco-conscious, upcycling fashion is a useful option. You can get a new look with a smaller price tag and also less environmental impact.

7. Create a fashion idea board

A fashion idea board involves pulling together images of colors, outfits, and also accessories to embody the style you envision for yourself. Pinterest offers an easy way to gather images for your idea board. 

When you are struggling to come up with an outfit, you can pull out your idea board for inspiration. 

8. Try something new

If you feel stuck in a fashion rut, mix things up by trying something entirely new. In this case, you might throw on an entirely different color or go wild with your accessories. A little bit of excitement might be exactly what you need to find your style. 

Remember, trying something new doesn’t have to embody your entire style. But by searching for unique looks, you might take your style in a new direction that you love. 

9. Make a wishlist of items

An unrestricted shopping spree is usually not a good idea when building out a new style. If you go wild upfront, you might end up with too many clothes that don’t suit your finalized style.

Instead of buying everything you like in the hope that it will fit your style, start making a wishlist of items, and learn how to stop buying clothes without being intentional

To clarify, you might set your sights on a lovely dress or a designer purse that seems to mesh well with your chosen style. But you may later decide that it isn’t the right look for you. Building a wishlist can help you see the direction of your style decisions. 

Expert tip

As you can see, a lot of finding your style has to do with how you feel and embracing your values and personality.

Firstly, one important thing is to take your time. It’s not a race, so gather inspiration from multiple sources until you find a look that suits you.

Last, you can make notes on your phone or write things down in a journal to help you to remember what fashion items you prefer.

How to find your style quiz: 5 Questions to ask yourself

Below you’ll find a short ‘find your style quiz’ to help you explore a few popular styles. Of course, these aren’t the only style options out there. But generally, it can give you a place to get started. 

1.) What’s your priority when getting ready?

A. Matching your favorite accessories

B. Creating a timeless look

C. Going with the flow

D. Efficiency and simplicity 

2.) How many pairs of shoes are enough?

A. Never enough

B. Several dozen

C. A dozen of so

D. Less than 5

3.) What statement do you want to make in a room?

A. Bold

B. Elegant

C. Life of the party

D. Understated

4.) What stands out to you?

A. Being the best dressed in the room

B. Keeping my wardrobe timeless

C. Being true to my inner whims

4. Sticking to a small closet

5.) Who is your favorite fashion icon?

A. Tracee Ellis Ross

B. Audrey Hepburn

C. Iris Apfel

D. Victoria Beckham

Find your style quiz: Your results based on style types

Here are the results from our find your style quiz!

A. Maximalist 

If you mostly answered a’s on this quiz, then you might feel most comfortable as a maximalist. The guiding principle of a maximalist is that more truly is better. 

You might find yourself with a wide range of accessories that you pile on wherever possible. Or you might mix and match stacked jewelry options. In many cases, you might also opt for bold colors that help you light up a room. 

B. Classic

Answering mostly b’s on this quiz points toward a classic style. You might find yourself opting for elegant looks that never seem to go out of style. Specifically, black dresses might be a staple item in your closet. 

In general, a classic style won’t ebb and flow with the fast fashion trends. Instead, you focus on buying timeless fashion pieces that might last you for a lifetime. 

C. Whimsical

If you found yourself answering mostly c’s, a whimsical style might best suit your tastes. The beauty of a whimsical style is that your whims also dictate your choices. While you might have a fun color palette that you gravitate toward, nothing is out of bounds for this style. 

Therefore, you might center your outfit around a flowy feeling one day and a geometric vibe the next. Going with the flow is at the core of a whimsical style. 

D. Minimalist

The final option in this quiz is a minimalist look, which is the exact opposite of a maximalist style. Instead of opting for the most number of items, you want to keep your wardrobe as streamlined as possible. 

Generally, the concept of minimalist style involves choosing pieces that work well together. Although you might not have too many items in your closet, you have pieces that make you feel great. 

Why is it important to find your style?

Clothes can be a part of the story that you present to the world. When you have your own style hammered out, your closet can be full of looks that you love. 

The right outfit can make all the difference in your confidence. If you are wearing something that makes you look and feel great, it’s easier to make your mark on the world. 

Plus, a good sense of style can help you make a great first impression. Whether you are wondering how to ace an interview or meet new friends, this first impression can make a big difference.

Why can’t I find my style?

If you are having trouble finding a style that feels right, take a step back from the process. Building out a style from scratch can be a challenge, especially for fashion newbies. 

If you feel stuck, start by asking yourself what makes you feel great, and then ask yourself what fits into your lifestyle. Anything that makes you feel great and fits into your everyday life is the perfect cornerstone for your style.

For instance, you might have a single dress that makes you smile when you put it on and makes dressing up a breeze. Seek out that feeling of confidence when trying on other clothes. 

Be patient with the process. It can be difficult to build a style overnight. 

How can I be unique with my style?

Everyone has their own unique tastes, and that can serve you well when discovering how to find your style. If you want to be unique in style, look inward for guidance.

Rather than looking at outside influences for inspiration, dig deeper to consider what you think will look great. 

Use your own opinions as your guiding light to build out an entirely unique look. 

How do I know if my style is good?

The best way to know if your style is good is how it makes you feel. If you feel confident in your style, then your style is great. 

Of course, you can seek outside validation of your style choices too. If you receive compliments on your outfits, it’s safe to say that your style is solid. 

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Finding your style is a process and you can find yours!

Figuring out how to find your style can take some time. It’s also worth noting that your style preferences will probably shift over time.

On one hand, you might start out with classic style but then gradually transition to minimalist fashion in pursuit of a more streamlined closet. 

As you seek your style, be patient with yourself. And never be afraid to try something new!

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