50 Money-Making Crafts You Can Easily Do At Home

Do you enjoy making crafts? Did you know that there are crafts that you can make and sell? Yup, you can do something you love and make an income from it! Money-making crafts are all the rage and it’s easier than ever to start your own home business. All you need is your supplies, an internet connection, and some know-how to get started!

If you’re looking for a way to bring in some extra money and you enjoy being creative then selling crafts may be the answer for you.

Making money selling crafts

Selling crafts is a great money-making skill to have. It can be a great side hustle to bring in extra money because the start-up costs are low, and there are so many different crafts you can sell. It’s a perfect way to bulk up your savings accounts or even save for a vacation.

It makes a great business for stay-at-home moms. Some stay-at-home moms actually have a full-time business selling money-making crafts!

It’s a great way for your kids to make money, too, because it’s something they can do with you from home. Whether it’s your side hustle or full-time job, you need to ensure you have a business plan in place, so you cover your costs and turn a profit.

Pricing your crafts to sell

When calculating your costs and deciding what to price your items at, you want to use a pricing formula to ensure you make money! The following formula is known as the craft pricing formula and can be useful as a general pricing guide:

Cost of supplies + labor (the time it takes you to make the item) + 10-15% overhead = Your total costs

Total costs x 2 = Wholesale price

Wholesale price x 2 = Retail price (what you should price your item for)

For example, if your supplies cost $20 and you want to make $20 an hour for labor, you add those two together and add 15% overhead (which is $6).

The total cost is $46. So, $46 multiplied by two equals $92, which is your wholesale price. Then multiply your wholesale price of $92 by two, which totals $184, and this would be your retail price for your item.

Pricing your items may include other factors, but as mentioned above, this formula is a good guideline.

Top 50 crafts that make money

There are a ton of DIY crafts to sell and you can either have a few select items or multiple types of crafts you can make. Let’s get into some ideas!

1. Worksheets and printables

One of the most money-making crafts to sell is printables because they are inexpensive to make. There are so many worksheets and printable ideas to choose from. Some popular printables are checklists, calendars, coloring pages, quotes, etc.

Printables are one of the cheapest craft ideas to sell because you create the item, and the person downloads it and prints it!

2. On-demand shirts

Who doesn’t love a good T-shirt?! You can create your own design and sell your own shirts via Printful. They let you use a free mock-up generator to see what your products will look like before you sell them.

This platform integrates with top eCommerce platforms and websites so you can sell your on-demand shirts however you choose.

3. Planners and organizers

Planners are one of the top money-making crafts you can sell. In fact, statistics show millions of dollars is spent on planners and organizers! You can create and self-publish your planner on a publishing site like Lulu.

You can sell your planner on the Lulu bookstore and also on your own website. Planners are one of those treat-yourself items that everybody loves.

4. Body scrubs

Everyone wants beautiful glowing skin, which is why body scrubs are the best crafts to make and sell. Body scrubs are easy to make, and you can buy your supplies in bulk to cut costs. Check out these 7 DIY body scrubs you can make.

5. Body butter

Body butter is another one of the easier DIY crafts to make and sell. They are wildly popular, and you can find tons of different types to make. Remember when making beauty items, list the ingredients for your customers, so they know what’s in them.

6. Bath bombs

Bath bombs are a blast to make because you can make them in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors! You can order most of the ingredients you need from Amazon. Bath bombs are the best money-making crafts to sell because they are inexpensive to make and very profitable.

7. Custom mugs

One of the most popular gift ideas is a custom coffee mug. If you enjoy being creative, you can make custom Sharpie mugs to sell or use Printful to create other mug designs. You don’t have to be an artist to make great mugs. Some of the highest-selling mugs have funny quotes or inspirational sayings on them.

8. Handmade soap

There’s something lovely about a beautiful bar of soap, which is probably why it’s one of the most adored craft ideas to sell. You don’t have to make it too complicated; there are many melt-and-pour soap recipes that take less time to make but still bring in good money.

9. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the top crafts that make money because there are so many styles and types to create, you will never run out of ideas. Some people even make quilled paper jewelry to sell! You can make resin, beaded, or leather jewelry. The possibilities are endless!

10. Decorative wreaths

Decorative wreaths are one of the most fun crafts to make and sell. There are many different types of wreaths you can make, and they are the perfect gift idea. You can make burlap wreaths, floral wreaths, and ribbon wreaths.

Some people buy wreaths for different holidays and seasons, so there is a lot of income potential with these DIY crafts.

11. Custom garden planters

Gardening is a beloved hobby, which means custom garden planters are great crafts to make and sell. You can get pots and supplies cheap at stores like Dollar General. You can even “branch” out and sell them with planted succulents or flowers.

12. Garden markers

Another fun item to make and sell is garden markers. You can make them out of lids, fused beads, rocks, and even clothespins! You’d be surprised at how popular garden markers are on Etsy.

13. Pet rocks and worry pets

Who remembers the pet rock phase? Well, apparently, these beloved low-maintenance “pets” are still around! Not only that, there is a new version called worry pets for kids with anxiety. These are fun crafts to make and sell that will bring a smile to your face.

14. Scented candles

If you’re a candle lover, then making scented candles to sell may be perfect for you. There are many types of candles you can create with different waxes, scents, and even flowers. Candles are always in demand, which makes them a fabulous DIY craft to make and sell.

15. Lip balms

Whether it’s a sizzling Summer or frigid Winter, lip balm is the go-to for soft, hydrated lips. You can make pretty tinted lip balm and also put it in cute containers, and even make stickers or labels for them. You can get an entire lip balm kit for under $45!

16. Keychains

Keychains are another one of our favorite craft ideas to make and sell. You can even make keychains from wine corks! They are inexpensive to make, and the possibilities are endless.

17. Sell your photography

Not only is photography an amazing hobby you can actually make money from it. There are a variety of ways you can do this. One is to sell your images through sites such as Shutterstock, Foap, and Etsy. Another fun way is to print your image, frame it, and sell it.

18. Turn your paintings into money-making crafts

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the same goes for art. If you enjoy painting, this is definitely one of the money-making crafts you should try to sell. No matter what you paint, there’s probably a market for it.

19. Decorative coasters

There are many types of decorative coasters you can make. Some use tiles, resin, even twine to make unique styles of coasters. The sky’s the limit with this awesome craft.

20. Mason jar soap dispensers

Create customized mason jar dispensers to sell for profit. You can buy jars in bulk on Amazon or check sites like Craigslist to get them cheap or even free! You can paint them or use vinyl to decorate them.

21. Bookmarkers

Bookmarkers are one of the easiest DIY crafts to make and sell. You can make them out of ribbon, paper, and paper clips. The great thing about them is they are light, which means lower costs in shipping.

22. Greeting cards

Greeting cards and note cards are always in demand because there is always an occasion for a card. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and even just because are why people are always grabbing up a great greeting card. You can make simply designed cards to elaborate cards like this fabulous Tropical Friendship Card.

23. Candy Bouquets

Who needs flowers when you have candy?! Candy bouquets are one of the best craft ideas to sell because they are cheap to make, and almost everyone loves candy. Check out this adorable lollipop bouquet to make!

24. Bird feeders

You won’t believe all the different types of bird feeders you can make and sell. There are birdseed wreaths, wine bottle feeders, and of course, the classic wooden house bird feeder. Bird lovers adore setting up cute homes for their feathered friends, which is why this craft is a money maker.

25. Quilts and baby blankets

If you enjoy sewing, crocheting, or knitting, then making quilts and baby blankets will be one of your favorite crafts to make and sell. You can even make quilts out of old t-shirts!

26. Wind chimes

Create something for relaxation and decor with DIY wind chimes. You can make wind chimes with beads, seashells, bottle caps, and keys! This is one of the ultimate repurpose craft ideas to make and sell.

27. Hair accessories

Can you believe Scrunchies are making a comeback? There will always be a demand for fun and beautiful hair accessories because there are many trends and styles to choose from.

Basically, any type of hair accessory you can think of can be made and sold. Think headbands, scrunchies, blinged-out hair clips, and hair ties.

28. Wall decor and signs

You can make a ton of things with wood pallets, but one of the most loved items is farmhouse signs. You can put cute messages on them and give them a distressed look too. Sometimes you can find these pallets for free at local businesses or on Craigslist.

29. Pet accessories

Pets deserve to be spoiled, and pet accessories are some of the best crafts that make money. There has been a boom in the online pet market, which means it’s even more profitable than before. You can make customized pet dishes, leashes, collars, toys, and treats. This is the perfect side business for a pet lover.

30. Purses and tote bags

You can upcycle purses or make custom tote bags out of items such as tank tops. Shop the Goodwill for old purses to upcycle and sell. If you can sew then, you can make your own line of purses!

31. Snow globes

There’s something magical about snow globes, which is probably why they are one of the most adored crafts to make and sell. You can make customized snow globes with mason jars for any occasion.

32. Picture frames

Upcycling picture frames is one of the least expensive crafts to make and sell. You can buy old frames from Goodwill and Thrift stores super cheap, customize them by painting them and decking them out with things like seashells, gemstones, etc.

33. Gift baskets

Gift baskets are some of the most lucrative money-making crafts to sell. Like greeting cards, there is always a holiday, birthday, wedding, or some occasion that calls for a gorgeous gift basket.

Basically, any theme you can think of is an idea for a gift basket. Check out how to start your gift basket-making business and start making money.

34. Jewelry boxes

You can pick up old jewelry boxes at yard sales or thrift shops to upcycle and sell. Like other items, you can paint them or customize them to make them unique. If you’re really ambitious, you can learn to make your own out of wood and other materials. Upcycling and making jewelry boxes can be one of the best-selling money-making crafts.

35. Pine Cone fire starters

Pinecone fire starters prove you can sell just about anything. In fact, the core of your item is free! You just go collect pinecones, then doctor them up with wax flakes and fragrance, and you have one of the cheapest DIY crafts to sell.

36. Decorative vases

If you’re looking for one of the simplest craft ideas to sell its decorative vases. You can buy cheap vases and paint them or customize them. Stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General tend to have inexpensive vases for sale.

37. Beachy glass terrarium

You can create a beachy glass terrarium and sell it to the beachcombers at heart. You can pick up your sand and seashells on your next beach vacation or purchase your supplies on Amazon. Of course, it’s the perfect excuse for a budget-friendly vacation.

38. Upcycle shoes

One of our favorite craft ideas to sell are upcycled shoes. Customized shoes are all the rage. For instance, some hand-painted and customized shoes sell for over $100 a pair!

39. Knit scarves and hats

If you know how to knit or crochet, then scarves and hats are the perfect crafts to make and sell. You can get free patterns to help inspire you to make various styles of hats and scarves.

40. Plush toys

Plush toys aren’t just loved by kids; even adults find these adorable toys fun. You can get patterns on sites like Etsy to get started. This is one of the DIY crafts to sell that will have you feeling like a kid again.

41. Rope bowls

Rope bowls are a versatile craft you can make and sell. There are even bowls you can make that don’t require sewing. These bowls can be used for pen holders, fruit, or even hanging planters.

42. Upcycle liquor bottles

You’d be surprised that liquor bottles are one of the greatest money-making crafts to sell. You can make soap dispensers, lamps, and decorated bottles to sell on Etsy.

43. Decorative pillows

There are so many types of decorative pillows you can make and sell. You can even make no-sew pillows to keep it simple. If you just want to design it, you can use Printful to create your idea and sell the pillow through a platform such as Etsy or Shopify.

44. Welcome mats

If you own a Cricut machine, you can create customized welcome mats. You can purchase blank doormats at Target or Amazon. Doormats are a great item to sell because some people purchase doormats for every season or room in their house.

45. Face masks

Right now, face masks are a huge seller. Many people prefer to have masks they can reuse, so they buy cloth masks instead of disposable ones. Of course, there will always be a need for face masks to prevent breathing in dust, germs, etc.

46. Etched glass water bottles

Encourage others to go green and make beautifully etched glass water bottles to sell. You can make so many different designs, which is why this is one of the perfect craft ideas to sell.

47. Repurpose clocks

Upcycling clocks is another great option for crafts that make money. You can find old clocks to repurpose or buy cheap wall clocks at the Dollar Store to customize and sell.

48. Clay jewelry dishes

Jewelry and trinket dishes are super cool to make. You can order the Polyform Sculpey Clay off Amazon in a variety of colors. Create a variety of shapes and sizes for a fun selection for your customers.

49. Paper flowers

Paper flowers are one of the best crafts that make money because you can make them for various things. Decorations, bouquets, and canvas are just a few ideas to get started with.

50. Create stickers

Stickers are fabulous and used for so many reasons! You can create custom stickers using Printify. If you own a Cricut machine, you can cut and print your own to sell. This auto employee sold $100,000 selling stickers on Instagram, which proves that stickers are one of the top money-making crafts you can sell.

Expert tip

When it comes to crafts that make money, it’s all about trying out and few to see what will work for you. Once you figure out the craft you enjoy making, focus on creating the best possible products you can.

You’ll also need to learn about marketing and promoting your amazing products as well as money management for business.

Where is the best place to sell your money-making crafts?

There are a variety of platforms to choose from to sell your crafts on. However, if you sell online and locally, you will maximize your profits and bring in more income! Check out these top places to start selling your money-making crafts.


Etsy is one of the leading platforms to sell crafts on because it’s a user-friendly site to use, and the fees are relatively low. You can integrate sites such as Printful to sell your customized items as well. Learn more about selling on Etsy.   


Depending on how much you want to spend on a site, Shopify can be a great option to sell your items. Some people may start with a lower-cost platform and then decide to start a Shopify store. A basic store starts at around $39 a month.


Facebook is a great place to start selling your crafts because you already have people you know viewing your profile. You can post pictures of your items to your profile for friends and family to buy, but you can also sell on Facebook Marketplace.

Another great option is the Commerce Manager platform, where you can catalog your inventory and sales on Facebook and Instagram.

Handmade at Amazon

You can find pretty much anything on Amazon, and now they offer a platform specifically for handmade items. This can be a great way to sell your crafts but be advised there is a monthly fee and selling fees.

Sell money-making crafts on your own website

You can always opt to create your own website to sell your items on. Sites like Squarespace make it easier to make a custom website without spending a ton of money. However, you will need to learn how to drive customers to your site if you go this route, so keep that in mind.

Craft shows, farmers’ markets, and boutiques

You need to sell online and locally because this will increase your sales and maximize your profits. Check out events such as craft shows and farmer’s markets where you can set up a booth and sell your items.

Sometimes local boutiques will allow you to set up a section in their shop to sell your products. They may charge a fee or take a commission in exchange for space.

How can you promote your craft business?

Now that you know what to make and where to sell, you need to promote your new craft business.

Leverage social media

It’s easier than ever to advertise for free, thanks to social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also share pictures of you making crafts to create engagement with potential customers too.

Tell your friends and family

Don’t be shy about telling your friends and family about your new business adventure. They will more than likely be super supportive and probably buy an item to help you get started!

Create a Google business profile

Also, you can create a free business profile page on Google. They also have a way to sell products online or locally for you. This is a huge opportunity to get your business noticed and increase sales.

What craft makes the most money?

Jewelry is one of the top money-making crafts. Simply because there’s a huge market for it! Pretty much everyone wears one form of jewelry or the other. To maximize your earnings potential, focus on making unique and quality designs as well as branding and marketing your jewelry products.

What crafts sell easily?

The crafts that sell most easily are associated with things people use most often that are not incredibly expensive. Examples of easy-to-sell crafts include candles, soaps, jewelry, fragrances, makeup, and skin care.

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Start a money-making crafts business today!

Creating crafts to sell is not only a great source of income, but it’s a great creative outlet. It’s wonderful being able to do something you love and make money at it. Of course, you want to set yourself up for success with your new business, and the best way to do that is to create a business plan.

Enroll in our completely free new business owner course bundle to learn how to earn more and be a successful business owner!

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