7 Types Of Blogs That Make Money

When trying to learn about the types of blogs that make money, it’s important to keep in mind things like your own interest and specialty. Having a blog can help you earn money on the side, while also writing about things and products you care about.

And you can hone your research and writing skills. Best of all, it’s easy to do, as it only requires a hosting site, a computer, and access to the internet.

How do blogs make money?

Do you have a favorite blogger and wonder how exactly they make money with their blog? Well, blogging can be just as much work as a job. In fact, for many, blogging can become a business.

There are few ways to make money from blogging, including hosting advertising from platforms like Google Adsense, Adthrive, or Mediavine. When a reader clicks on an ad, you make a little bit of money.

You can also get paid to promote products, which is known as affiliate marketing. In addition, you can use your blog to promote your own business or products, such as online courses, ebooks, or coaching services. Most bloggers use a combination of all three to diversify their revenue streams.

Different types of blogs that make money

You can use these suggestions below as a guideline as you do your own research on starting a blog to make money, but remember to find a niche in a topic you’re passionate about. Blogging takes time and you’ll need to write a lot to make money, so make sure you’re writing about something you really can’t stop talking (or writing) about.  Here are some types of blogs that make money:

1. Frugal living blogs

Do you have a knack for personal finance? Do you love balancing your accounts at the end of the month? Then think about a blog about frugal living. These types of blogs help readers manage their finances better. They often include tips about things like saving money, setting up a budget, and becoming debt-free. You can even specialize in this area, for example, blogging about frugal living as a single mom, or targeting a specific age group.

Millennial Revolution, for example, is a blog started by a couple who write about how to save money and live outside of a 9-to-5 job.

2. Parenting blogs

Raising kids is difficult. Parenting blogs give advice to other parents or those expecting. If you have kids and want to share stories about raising your kids, then consider starting a parenting blog. It’s also something that a lot of people can relate to. Are you really good at coming up with activities to do with your kids? Blog about it!

A good example of a parenting blog is Mommy On Purpose, a blog started by Carly who writes about everything from how to potty train, to saving money on baby clothes, to cleaning tips.

3. Lifestyle  blogs

Lifestyle blogs can be about pretty much anything that has to do with your life. It’s the one niche on this list that isn’t just about one thing but can be about many things. Are you a digital nomad? Or maybe you are really good at writing about relationship advice and decorating. Or maybe you’re all three!  A lifestyle blog does just that and is essentially you writing about your life.

Advice From A Twenty-Something is an example of a lifestyle blog. It covers fashion, beauty, and living for people in their 20s and makes money from affiliate links.

4. Health and fitness blogs

Everyone wants to be healthy but finding recipes and exercise routines can be daunting. That’s where health and fitness blogs come in. These blogs usually include things like tips for making healthy snacks, how to create workout plans, and more.

For example, Nerd Fitness offers workout routines, tips on creating a workout at home, and information on popular fitness diets like the keto and paleo diet. Many online personal trainers use blogs to make money through coaching and a subscription service.

Marketing blogs

Creating content about marketing is another way to make money from blogs. It’s a bit more niche and usually is for other marketers or for a specific type of content. Many companies will use marketing blogs as a way to get readers to sign up for other services or products.

Another similar niche to marketing is writing about freelancing or best SEO practices. Or even writing about blogging itself! An example of a marketing blog is Copy Blogger, which writes about all things writing-related, from how to write like Hemmingway, to using bullet points in an article.

Food blogs

If you love food and coming up with different ways to make dishes, you’ll love writing about food. Food blogs usually include recipes and tips. They also have lots of photos and may include videos. If you’re the type of Instagrammer who always posts photos of your food and trying to find the perfect angle to highlight the dressing in your salad, then food blogs could be for you.

One of my favorite food blogs is The Clever Carrot. It’s a blog all about bread, specifically sourdough bread. I actually learned how to bake sourdough bread from reading this blog during quarantine. Food blogs are usually top on the list when it comes to types of blogs that make money.

Travel blogs

Travel blogs are another way to make money from blogging. Travel blogs make travel easy and approachable. They can be destination-specific but also include things about how to plan and saving money to travel.

An example is Messy Nessy, the curiosity cabinet of travel blogs. While it started out as a Paris-focused travel blog, it now covers art, weekend city guides, random historical information, and fashion tips. It makes its money through subscriptions, and it’s two guidebooks on Paris and New York.

Create an income with one of these types of blogs that make money!

There are lots of benefits to blogging and different types of blogs that make money, but first, you need to find your niche. Figure out what you are passionate about. Use these blog ideas as a springboard to come up with your own ideas for your blog. Once you have your niche you can work on turning your passion into a revenue stream!

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