All About The Hermes Kelly Belt 

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Is there something missing from your outfit? That one final item that will pull your look together and keep your silhouette looking neat and chic? Try the Hermes Kelly belt—a timeless investment piece for your wardrobe!

This guide will tell you all you should know about the belt itself, along with variations like the Kelly Pocket belt and amazing styling and affordability tips for this fab accessory!

What are the main features of the Hermes Kelly belt?

So, what is the Hermes Kelly belt, and what does it look like? Let’s dive in!


Commonly referred to as the Kelly belt, it is also known as the Kelly 18 belt according to the company website.

One size fits all

The belt uses a special sliding system meaning you can position it on your hip or waist. This smart design makes it a one size fits all belt. It also allows the belt to be worn over different thicknesses of clothing.


The belt is available in an assortment of shades to complement your ensemble. Black will go with everything, but if you want a color that pops, try Rose Mexico (a hot pink) or Celeste blue (a strong but cool light blue).

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Popular alternatives include Étoupe (a gray-brown taupe) or the Vert-De-Gris (a green-gray). Here’s a full list of Hermes colors to explore!

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Hardware features

The clasp of the Hermes Kelly belt is one of its main features. It’s instantly recognizable as it’s been specifically designed to mimic the clasp on other famous Hermes creations like the Birkin and Kelly bags.

In terms of metal, choose from gold, silver, or palladium according to your preference and coloring.

Leather types

Epsom calfskin is the most popular leather option available for your Hermes Kelly belt. However, you can also select Hunter cowhide or even alligator if you’re hoping for a more exotic look.

Size options

The Hermes Kelly belt is a one-size-fits-all option with a width of 0.71 inches. It’s fully adjustable from 23.6 to 39.4 inches, making this a versatile piece you can pair with almost anything. Wear it around the hips or waist, according to your preferred style.

Other Kelly belt designs

Sometimes, you may also find the Kelly better with certain leather features or even hardware designs. For example:

The Kelly Pocket belt

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The Kelly Pocket belt is much like the classic Hermes Kelly belt. But it comes with a twist! It includes a functional, removable pouch ideal for holding small items like lipstick or credit card.

The Kelly Garden Party 18 belt

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The Kelly Garden Party belt features flower design perforations that make it more unique than the standard Kelly belt. The design makes it more casual.

The Kelly Velvet 18 belt

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The Kelly Velvet 18 belt features a tufting design in the front of the belt with velvet. Another beautiful casual or dressy take on this accessory.

How to style the Hermes Kelly Belt

The real beauty of the Kelly belt is you can wear it with anything. Really! If you’re going casual, try belting up over an oversized slouch sweater paired with skinny jeans and winter boots.

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For a smarter look, wear your Kelly belt over the top of a fitted blazer or dress. Don’t be fooled into thinking there’s no point donning your belt during the winter months because no one will see it. Not true!

With its adjustable design, you can easily wear your belt over the top of a fitted winter jacket to add a classy vibe even when there’s a chill in the air!

How much does a Hermes Kelly 18 belt cost?

The exact price of a Hermes Kelly belt will depend on the features you choose and where you purchase it from. If you’re buying new, expect the cost to run to four figures.

That may sound like a lot. And it is! But consider that a luxury designer item like a belt is a wardrobe investment piece that you’ll probably wear frequently.

Unlike a wedding dress that only sees the light of day for a few hours or a cocktail dress that you might pop on two to three times, you’ll get your money’s worth with a designer belt.

Consider also that a well-crafted accessory like the Kelly belt will likely last decades. That’s a great cost-per-wear figure if you keep track of your wardrobe investments!

Where to buy a Hermes Kelly belt

If you’re in the market for a Hermes Kelly belt, you have two main options: buying brand-new from Hermes or hunting down a preloved belt.

Buying direct from Hermes

Buying direct from Hermes is your best option. When you purchase directly from Hermes, you have the reassurance of authenticity.

You know you’re buying a high-quality item, and you’ll also receive recommended care tips to ensure your belt remains in tip-top condition.

If you’re gifting the belt to someone else, Hermes wraps the item in a beautiful box. And the retailer accepts returns for store credit within 30 days if you have a change of heart.

Buying a preowned Hermes Kelly belt

Opting for a preowned Hermes Kelly belt isn’t just about saving money. When you buy an accessory that’s led a previous life, you can rest assured you’re making a sustainable choice for the planet too!

But yes, a preloved Hermes Kelly belt may sometimes be cheaper than buying brand new! Depending on the deal you find, you might save a significant amount, compared to purchasing directly from Hermes.

Try checking out sites like Vestiaire Collective or The Real Real.

How to afford the Hermes Kelly Belt

So, you know that a Hermes Kelly belt is the perfect accessory. You’ve planned your outfit, but all that’s missing is that finishing touch around the middle.

Perhaps you’ve even picked out the exact Kelly pocket belt or regular Kelly belt you want! The only thing you still need to do is buy it.

Ideally, you’ll have the money set aside already. But if not, follow these affordability tips to make designer belt ownership a reality for you!

Avoid putting your luxury purchase on a credit card

First up, we know how tempting it can be to swipe that piece of plastic to buy whatever it is we have our eye on. The problem? Yup, the dreaded D-word— debt! 

Credit cards have high APR rates attached to them, meaning you’ll end up paying more than just the cost of the belt due to the accumulating interest.

And if you miss a repayment, either by mistake or because you can’t afford it, this will impact your credit score. You’ll usually receive a late payment penalty fee also.

The bottom line: exercise caution when using credit cards to fund purchases. Unless you have a solid plan to pay back the debt quickly, it’s usually worth exploring the below options instead.

Save up for your Hermes Kelly belt

If you have a particular Kelly belt in mind and know exactly how much it costs, the next step is to build your savings until you can afford it.

Begin by working out how long you want to wait until you buckle that belt around your waist. Will you save up for a month, three months, or a year? The choice is yours.

Then all you need to do is divide the price by the number of months, so you know how much to set aside.

For example: If your Hermes Kelly belt is $960, and you want to save over six months, you must save $160 each month to hit your goal on time.

Make money to afford your Hermes Kelly belt

Side gigs are all the rage at the moment. If your regular full-time work doesn’t meet your financial needs, it’s time to think outside the box and consider different ways to make money.

Part-time jobs are one option, but freelancing is another. If you take amazing pics, perhaps you could work as a wedding photographer on the weekends.

Or if you’re superb at making cakes, people will pay a fortune for an expertly iced-tiered cake!

Put any extra cash you make toward your belt purchase. Once you’ve reached your target, you can either quit your side gig or create another financial goal to meet!

Sell designer gear to afford your new purchase

If you’d rather not wait for your luxury gear, another great option is selling any designer bags, clothes, or other accessories you own. If any of them are collecting dust, or you’ve decided they’re no longer your style, why not cash them in?

You’ll make room in your closet and put the sale proceeds toward your new belt purchase instead. It’s a win-win!

The final step: enjoy your Kelly belt!

There we have it. You have all the necessary info to choose and afford the perfect Hermes Kelly belt. The only thing left is to start making financial plans to gain yours!

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