How To Get Started With Lifestyle Blogging

Lifestyle blogging can be a fun way to express yourself and create an income stream. But is starting a lifestyle blog right for you? Today we’ll explore how to start a lifestyle blog, and you can determine if lifestyle blogging is the right fit for you.

What is lifestyle blogging all about?

When you click through popular lifestyle blogs, you’ll notice one thing in common. Most successful lifestyle blogs focus on the reader experience. Although you might see a lot of information about the interests and passions of the blogger, the content will likely be designed to help you solve similar problems in your own life.

In some cases, lifestyle blogging can intertwine with social media influencing. You might find a lifestyle blogger through a social media platform and then enjoy their site.

Lifestyle blogging niches

There is no shortage of lifestyle blogs. The number of lifestyle blogs circulating the internet is fairly high. But lifestyle blogs can cover a wide range of topics and niches including:

Health and wellness

Health and wellness is a popular topic for lifestyle blogging. You might find workout routines or healthy eating advice in a health and wellness blog. Two great examples are Well + Good and Love Sweat Fitness.

Personal finance

Personal finance is another lifestyle blogging niche. You will learn the ins and outs of finance on these blogs. Clever Girl Finance is a perfect example!

Business and entrepreneurship

Inspiring entrepreneurship stories and practical business-building advice can be found on these lifestyle blogs. A few good examples include Classy Career Girl and The Work at Home Woman.


Adventurers with a case of wanderlust will find themselves attracted to travel blogs, which are a type of lifestyle blog. Hey Nadine and Travel Noire are great examples of travel blogs done right.


Parenting is a broad topic. But you’ll find a variety of takes in the parenting blogging world. Savvy Sassy Moms is a good resource in this niche.


Want to share cooking inspiration? Readers can find amazing recipes on cooking blogs. Budget Bytes is my go-to blog when I’m looking for a new recipe.


Great at giving fashion advice? Fashion blogging could be a good option for you. Sincerely Jules and 9 to 5 Chic are well-done examples.

Home improvement

Are you the queen of DIY projects? A home improvement blog could be the right place to share your skills. Young House Love and Home Tips could provide the right inspiration.

Here’s a more expansive sampling of some of the best types of lifestyle blogs in our opinion!

How to start a lifestyle blog

Are you ready to start lifestyle blogging? Let’s walk through the steps you will need to take in order to get started.

Choose your niche

First things first, you have to start by choosing your niche (see ideas above!). It can be tempting to dive right in with a smattering of ideas. But it is a good idea to narrow down the focus of your blog before jumping in headfirst.

A narrow niche allows you to focus on a specific reading experience. When a reader finds what they are looking for on your blog, they’ll want to keep reading with you. But if you have too many topics on your blog, they could find themselves lost among the content.

With that, consider narrowing down your blog to a specific niche. You can still be successful with a wide focus. But you might find the process more manageable with a defined niche to help your reader.

Pick the right platform

When you are setting up your blog, you’ll need to choose a platform to work on. Although there are many options, WordPress is a great choice.

With a wide range of free themes, tools, customizable options without coding experience, and free plugins, WordPress is a winner. WordPress is the most commonly used platform and there are a plethora of resources to help you learn the basics.

Beyond that, you should use WordPress because it allows you to build a useful skillset. Many bloggers use WordPress. Even if you decide to try freelance writing or become a virtual assistant, knowing how to navigate through a WordPress site is a critical skill to have.

Pick the right hosting

Once you’ve selected your platform and secured your domain name, it is time to pick the right hosting. For example, GoDaddy is an affordable choice with a solid reputation.

How to make money with a lifestyle blog

Although you can absolutely start a blog without the intention to make a dime, some of us would like to see a monetary reward for our labors. After all, building a thriving blog with a dedicated audience is hard work. With that, it is perfectly reasonable that you would want to see some return on your investment of time.

Here are the most popular ways to earn an income through your lifestyle blog:


Although ad revenue might be limited, you can build some income as your readership grows. Some ways to incorporate ads into your site are via Google Adsense. There are also ad networks like Mediavine and Adthrive that you can join but they have monthly visit requirements.

Sponsored posts

Some companies will pay you to write an article about their service or product for your audience. But in order to charge top dollar, you need to be able to show stats around your readership metrics and community size.


You can pitch useful items to your audience and earn a percentage of sales made. There are platforms like Impact Radius where you can search for relevant affiliate programs to join.

Online store

You can sell anything through an online store attached to your blog. Find items that match your blog’s theme. For example, you could sell printables or physical items. Check out the Clever Girl Finance shop for inspiration!.


You can publish and sell books to meet the needs of your audience. This can be a great way to expand your income streams.

Freelance writing

You can use the skillset you build as a blogger to get paid as a writer for other brands and platforms.

Online courses

Selling courses online is another way to earn an income. It’s all about laying a course in an area you are skilled in. You’ll need to create a course curriculum, videos, worksheets, and more. However if executed the right way, this can be great for passive income!

As you dive into the world of blogging, you’ll find several other ways to earn an income. Check out our full article about how to make money with a blog for more ideas.

There are also some really great books about blogging that you can read and excellent blogging courses you can take!

Should you become a lifestyle blogger?

Lifestyle blogging can be a fun way to pursue your passions. If you are interested in simply connecting with readers and writing about what interests you, then a blog is a great fit.

If you are determined to make an income with your blog, it will likely take some time. But with hard work and dedication, you can absolutely earn an income through blogging. A blog based on your interests can be an entertaining way to build an income stream. But if you are looking for an immediate source of income, you might be better off pursuing a different side hustle opportunity.

Lifestyle blogging can be great!

If you are ready to get started, then take the first step today! Start braining storming your idea, set up your website, and create your first piece of content. Your lifestyle blog could be a creative outlet, a way to increase your income, and even a way to build a thriving community! Plus, there are so many different types of blog ideas you can get started with!

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