How To Store Designer Handbags

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A question that every luxury bag owner must ask themselves is around how to store designer handbags. After all, Hermes, Channel, Gucci, and Prada purses aren’t ordinary. They are luxury bags and these bags need to be cared for and well-maintained.

So before you toss your Louis Vuitton bag into your closet, let’s look at why you need proper luxury bag storage and how to make that happen!

Why it’s important to learn how to store designer handbags

Designer bags are expensive. Behind the name brands, handbags are highly priced because they are valuable and unique.

Similar to a car, your bag will last longer the more you take care of it. Here are some of the advantages of proper care.


Did you know that your designer handbags can last for years after you purchase them? Meaning your handbags can outlast some of your relationships.

Longevity also means you don’t have to keep buying new handbags every few months. No more trying to reattach the handle or sew ripped fabric. Having a handbag that can last throughout time can relieve some stress in the future.

Keep in prime condition for resale

Luxury handbags never go out of style. Therefore after two or three years if you’re ready to upgrade or move on you can resell your designer bag.

In fact, the buying and reselling of preowned designer handbags can be a great side hustle. Yet no one is going to buy a second-hand bag if it’s not in great condition.

And the best way to keep it in top shape is to learn how to store designer handbags to ensure they are ready for resale.

Avoid damage

If you want to keep your handbags in great condition, you’ll want to know how to store luxury bags, so you can avoid damage.

Common damage that proper storage can avoid include stains, torn fabric, scratch marks, and mildew.

Helps create a better mentality

When you know how to store your designer purses and take care of them, it helps to create a mental shift in your brain. Your mind focuses on preserving the value of important items.

Your luxury bag is also a representation of you. It can showcase your personal style. Thus keeping it in great condition helps you to maintain the mentality that you are able to care for expensive items and make them last.

Prepping your luxury bag for storage

There are plenty of benefits to proper luxury bag storage. And the first step is prepping your bag to be stored away. You want to make sure your bag is in pristine condition before your store it.

Follow these steps to learn how to store luxury bags in the best way possible.

Wipe hardware and bag clean before storing

It’s important to first clean the outside and inside of your bag. Depending on the fabric or material of the bag you’ll want to use a special cleaner to remove any dust, dirt, or grime. Couture USA suggests the following cleaning techniques for your bag depending on the materials.

For leather handbags

Use a microfiber cloth with leather cleaner. You can also use leather cleaning wipes or fragrance-free and alcohol-free baby wipes. Be sure to only wipe gently.

For suede or fur

When it comes to how to store designer handbags made of suede or fur, using a specialty brush can help get rid of dirt and debris.

For fabric

Use a lint roller to clean the surface. In addition, you can use tweezers to remove dirt or particles left behind.

Empty out the interior of your bag

Once the outside is cleaned remember to clean the inside. Although it’s common to leave certain items in your purse for later use, some items can be harmful to the quality of your bag.

Infinite by Style Theory suggests that the following items can be damaging to your designer bag. Thus make sure they are removed before placing your bag into storage.

Hand sanitizer
Water bottles

Basically, you should empty out your bag before storage, to ensure the protection and quality of the bag.

Once your luxury bag is clean and emptied out, you’re ready for storage. The obvious thought is to place it in your closet.  Yet there are a few more details that go into how to store designer handbags.

How to store designer handbags

Now that you know how to prep your handbag for storage, here are the specifics of how to store designer handbags. By following these techniques you can keep your designer bag in top shape.

Avoid direct sunlight

It’s important to avoid direct sunlight or harsh lighting as it can affect coloration. Keeping your luxury bag away from windows is ideal. In addition, you’ll want to avoid places with harsh lighting.

Keep in a dry cool location

Your closet is ideal because it’s cool and dry and away from sunlight. However, if you live in a humid location you’ll want to regulate the temperature in your indoor storage space.

Many places that have a lot of humidity tend to leave moisture in the air. Moisture can be damaging and also cause mold and mildew.

Before you place your luxury bag in your closet, make sure to check for mold and mildew that might have grown over time. A dehumidifier can help if you have a high humidity problem.

Keep bags stuffed without distorting the shape

Unlike clothing, you can’t just fold or roll up your luxury bag to fit into a cubicle space in your closet. Instead, you want to think about preserving or maintaining the shape of your bag. After all the shape and design are some of the qualities that make your designer bag unique.

One technique is to line and stuff the inside of the bag with bubble wrap or acid-free tissue paper. By doing so, you maintain the shape without damaging the inner lining.

We highly recommend using a bag insert to maintain the inside of your bag while in use. They can even help your handbag maintain its shape when you store it.

Use bag dust covers or boxes

To preserve the shape of your bag, you may choose to store your bag in the original box or bag that it came in. If you don’t have those you can find a box that is slightly bigger than the size of your designer bag. Keep in mind that you want to bring your bags out often to air them out and check there are no issues.

Another option is to use bag dust covers. Your designer bag most likely came with a dust cover. However, if you don’t have one, Amazon sells a variety of bags in different shapes and sizes to fit your specific item.

For most dust-free cloth bag covers, you’ll want to make sure to leave the straps outside of the bag. Especially if the straps are made of chains or unique material. By leaving the straps out, they won’t leave imprints on the bags.

Store bags lying on the back or standing up depending on the material

Whether you use a box or a dust bag, the placement of your bag is another important element of luxury bag storage.

Make sure bags are stored lying down or standing up. For example, structured bags can be stored standing up, while bags with less structured can be stored lying down.

Avoid hanging your bags as this can distort the shape of the bag. Hanging them can also stretch out the straps.

Don’t stack bags on top of each other or store them touching each other

You might think that stacking the bags or boxes with your luxury bags is a great way to save space. However, piling your boxes or bags can add additional weight and cause their shape to be altered.

The key is to not have the bags touching each other. If you decided to have your designer bag on display, then bag separation is crucial.

Having your bags too close together runs the risk of different materials and fabrics touching. When different materials come into contact, it can cause the dyes or texture of one fabric to rub off and damage the other material.

Dust storage areas often

A big part of how to store luxury bags is dusting. Whether your Chanel bags or Hermes Birkin is neatly on display or organized separately in boxes and bags, you’ll want to maintain the area around your bags.

By frequently dusting storage areas, you can minimize the chances of dust and other particles seeping into your bag.

Air out the handbags

The last step in how to store designer handbags is to give your handbags air to breathe. Take them out on occasion and fan them out. Although we mentioned this step earlier on, it’s worth reiterating.

Taking your designer bags out of storage every now and then is especially important if you live in a humid environment. When airing out your bag, do so for a full 24 hours. You’ll want to air them out in a room that is air-conditioned or has plenty of airflow.

Keep your designer bag in the best condition possible with the proper storage!

Owning a new or preowned designer bag is a financial milestone. It sets you on a path of inviting more luxury. However, in order to reap the benefits you have to understand how to store designer handbags so that they last a long time.

The best way to be sure that they stay in top condition for resale is by storing them properly. Follow the tips here to ensure you are caring for your handbag correctly.

In addition, if you want to find a designer bag at a reasonable price, consider buying second-hand, or renting a luxury bag.

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